Dinner/Dance May 2017

Paul has just returned from Kenya and details will follow.

We are excited to share with you an event we are organising to celebrate the work of the trust and share news of the work that has been done to date. All money raised from the event will go to the trust.

On 6th May we will be hosting a Dinner Dance event at the Aztec Hotel, Bristol. Tickets are £35 and the hotel will give a 20% discount for overnight accommodation. To read more click here

We look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Pearl and Paul

December Newsletter 2016

“Every picture paints a thousand words”

Did someone once say “every picture paints a thousand words”?

I do hope so! Paul tells me it was a line in a song. He has just returned again from Kenya. He worked extremely hard while he was there, seeing patients who were very sick and, in a couple of cases, dying.

On the farm, he gave permission for the well to be dug deeper to reach the water table, as water is in very short supply and other wells have dried up. Our boys working on the farm are giving out food and water to those who are without. Just north of our area, they are seeing the results of no rain since last December. Animals are dying through lack of grass, and crops are non- existent just now. We have sent out £2,000 to date to relieve some of the families, giving out maize flour and fresh water. We will continue to do what we can to relieve their suffering.

On a more positive note, our schoolchildren did extremely well in their `mock` exams. Our senior class of 9 children were among about 200 Kanamai children who took these exams at a local government primary school, and all our children were in the top 36, which is really good news. The National Examination they will sit next year is extremely important to them, as it will determine which secondary school, if any, they qualify to attend. We shall ensure they get electric lighting in their classroom and, if necessary, become boarders so they can study in the evenings during their final year at Little Angels.

So, I am attaching more photos this time, to give you a flavour of life in Kanamai!

All the Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and interest, and to wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas.
With our very best wishes

PS. A date for next year`s diary: Saturday 6th May 2017. We shall be holding a dinner/dance at the Aztec Hotel which is very close to the M5. If you can come – and perhaps stay overnight at the hotel? – you will be extremely welcome.

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July Newsletter 2016

The School is working well, and the children are now working hard for their end of year exams.

Paul went out to Kenya at the end of May and this proved to be a most testing time for him, as when he arrived at Nairobi on the Saturday, they confiscated his luggage, and he travelled on to Mombasa with only his hand luggage. It took an awful lot of time and patience to get it delivered, but they were finally united on the Monday, about midnight, so the next few days were rather hectic for him.

June 2016 visit 012However, he saw lots of patients, and met with the teachers and staff at the school, the boys working on the farm, and many other people.

Life is very hard for all these poor Kenyans, as the number of visitors is very low, and many hotels and restaurants are shutting, with the obvious shortage of jobs for them. The farm continues to provide food and income for the four families working there, and we are continually looking at new ways to help them achieve more.

June 2016 visit 007 (002)The School is working well, and the children are now working hard for their end of year exams. For the first time the older ones will be taking their ‘finals’ and what they do next is going to depend on their results. If they do well, then they will be eligible for a government grant for secondary education, though they will still need some help with uniforms, shoes, and books. We have had the school redecorated, erected a new fence and also new security lights.

While Paul was in Kenya, Pearl attended a ‘wine tasting’ evening laid on by friends in Devon, in aid of the Trust. This proved to be most successful, and enabled the completion of the final classroom for us, so we are most grateful to all those who contributed to that evening.

School visits are still very important and Pearl has spent some lovely time at both St Peter’s in Portishead, and Longwell Green. Both school have worked hard to raise money for the Trust, and the children at St Peter’s arranged a ‘singing for Kenya’ event, to enable the Trust to buy a television and possibly a DVD player for the School. They have also learned a lot about Kenya, and did a “do you know….” lot for their parents about life in Kenya. Longwell Green are holding their annual Charity Fair too before the end of term.

Paul is due to go out again in August, and we will provide an update on his return.

Meanwhile, many thanks for all the wonderful gifts we have received recently.

With our best wishes

Paul, Pearl, George, Debbie & Paul