A busy summer – latest news from Kanamai Development Trust (September 2013)

September 2013On Friday Pearl and Paul head to Kenya (subject to any restrictions from the Home Office) and news of this visit will follow together with details of some fund raising the trust is looking to do over the coming months.

The summer has been busy and we thought we would provide a brief update on the news from the trust.

School dormitory

The School dormitory is now ready for us to ‘open’ when Pearl and Paul go out later this week. (The picture shows the dormitory in development).

A number of ladies have been knitting blankets for the dormitory beds, and we have been taking them over in our luggage since early this year. They are absolutely gorgeous and will add a real splash of colour to the beds! Another half dozen or so are packed for our forthcoming visit.

We had a generous gift of £550 to enable us to begin to furnish the dormitory, which was fantastic. In addition the children from Longwell Green Junior School held their own Charity Sale, and raised just over £400, and this too will be used to purchase items needed for the dormitory.

We need to raise more funds for the dormitory and more details will follow when Pearl and Paul return.

The farm

The farm has reported that the first 200 chickens have now been sold and another 400 bought. It looks as if this project is now well under way though we do need to provide an overhead tank for the well as soon as we can. The electricity is also on site now.

Bedminster Down School

Pearl has had a meeting at Bedminster Down School with the children who will be working at the School and the farm next year for two weeks. Their parents also came, so were able to ask questions of us. Ben Wills (teacher) had prepared handbooks for each child, and the air tickets have now been purchased.

The handbook also contained the itinerary for their stay in Kenya. Most of the children have now saved £500 towards their trip, which is extremely encouraging. They have a number of fund raising projects in the coming months, and they are still seeking sponsorships.

Thornbury ladies

A group of ladies in Thornbury have provided a large number of ‘comfort blankets’ which will go out as soon as possible. We are grateful to them for their hard work.

It is so encouraging that so many people are able to support us in so many different ways. We have now set up a MyDonate page, this has minimal admin costs meaning more of the donations coming through this route go to the charity.

Thank you so much for all your continued support and we will update you with news of our visit when we return.

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