A look back at 2013 – latest news from the Kanamai Development Trust, November 2013

Visits made by Paul and Pearl this year

July 2013 147We have been out to Kenya quite a bit this year (February, June, July, October and Paul is also going out in December just for a week).

Kenya has been in news quite a lot this year, and our own visit in October was clouded by the terrible events in Nairobi at the Westgate Mall, where so many people were killed.

Our earlier visits in February and June were an opportunity for us to catch up on what was being done both at the school and at the farm.

The building of the dormitory was started and is now complete, and we just have to furnish it now.

Back in June our caretaker died while we were there. It was good to be able to be there to say our farewells to Steve, who has been such a help to us over the years.

Pearl went out with a friend, Debbie in July. As Debbie is an artist, we were able to use her talents to paint a mural on one of the classroom walls.

On the farm the first baby chicks were installed in their fine house, and so it was good to know that it will not be long before the farm is very productive.

Link with Bedminster Down School

July 2013 128A really exciting development this year has been a growing link with Bedminster Down School. They wish to take 10 teenagers out to Kenya next year to work on the farm and at the school, and one of the teachers (Ben Wills) met with Pearl in Kenya and together with Debbie worked out a plan for the visit. Accommodation has been found and trips organised for them.

Bedminster Down is a secondary school in Bristol and in a very poor district of the City, this will be a challenge for the teenagers but it is a great opportunity which could be life changing.

Longwell Green Primary /Junior School

We have a good link with this Junior School on the other side of the City, and Pearl has visited them a few times this year, to talk with them about the School in Kenya. The children organised and produced a Summer Fair in the School and raised £400 for the Trust, which was a tremendous effort.

Paul and Pearl took out a load of paintings, and drawings which the children had done about their school and their families and friends. The children at Little Angels have sent a whole lot of their drawings and letters back to Longwell Green – a really good link. (Thank you for all your hard work Longwell Green!!)

School Dormitory

Dorm 1After many hiccups and false starts, the dormitory is at long last finished! We are now buying beds, mosquito nets, and so on. We have been steadily taking out knitted blankets (which an army of ladies have been knitting for us) in our luggage, and more will go out in December, and February.

Thank you so much lovely knitters!

Fund the dormitory

Dorm 2We are very excited that the new dormitory is ready for the first children. We have recently received donations which cover the cost of ten beds, and food in the short term.

The dormitory can hold up to 30 beds and it will cost around £5,000 a year to feed 20 children.

If you would like to help fund this project either via a one-off donation or a regular donation, then please contact Pearl either by phone on 01275 817765 or email pearl@kanamaitrust.org.uk.

And finally

We have been so grateful to George Ladds who has agreed to become a trustee. He has master-minded the new website for us, and it has been a tremendous relief to be able to hand all this over to him. Thank you George! We are also grateful to Shaun who is helping us with the financial side of things.

Sadly, Gloria and Ioan feel that the time has come for them to stand down as Trustees and so we will need to look at replacing them as quickly as we can. Thank you for your support over the years.

Thank you to all who have contributed to what we have been able to do in Kanamai, we hope this update shows the difference the money we receive makes. We have minimal overheads which means almost all the money we receive goes to fund the work in Kenya. The link with Bedminster Down School means that now the charity can help teenagers in the UK, and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

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