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Dear Friends

K1In 2009, when we were out in Kenya on holiday, we were dismayed to find that the maize crop had failed, and that people in nearby villages were starving. We felt that we needed to help and so, with our friends Gloria and Ioan, we bought a large amount of imported maize from the docks (about half a ton). Then, with the help of some of our ‘boys`, we gave out one kilo of maize to every household, in four Kanamai villages. This gave them food for the present and, by keeping a little of the maize back, they were then able to plant some of it, so that they would have food for the future. A drop in the ocean, I know, but……..

We have now just learned that, partly because of the heavy rains and a delayed harvest, our poor people are again struggling to survive. Also, since recent terrorist threats, tourists have virtually stopped coming to Mombasa and the Coast. The combination of no income and no home-grown food is now leading to extreme hardship, at a time when malaria and other lethal diseases are at their annual peak. So, we have a genuine crisis on our hands.

To send money from the Trust in order to buy food is really beyond our remit, so we thought weK2 would share the situation with you and, if you felt able to give us a small donation, we could – together – make sure that those who have absolutely nothing receive a small gift of maize from us. We understand that the maize being grown by our poor families, in their small plots, should hopefully be ready in about a month`s time. The maize meal we shall purchase costs 140kes (£1) for 2 kilos. This will feed a family for one day.

Our ‘boys’ purchased the maize, and then brought it back to K3Kanamai in barrows, walking 10 kilometres along the main road with it. We then joined them in distributing it to the Kanamai villages. The most poignant and tearful moment for me came when I realised that children and old women were scrabbling in the dirt at my feet, picking up the maize seeds I had dropped. We shall ask our boys to do a similar food distribution again. Not an ounce of maize will go to waste, we can promise you!

So, no pressure, but we have now set up a temporary, emergency fund, just to help with this particular crisis. As in 2009, there is still no other UK-based Charity working in the Kanamai district. Please indicate that any gift you send is for ‘FOOD’, thank you.

If you would like to be included in our email mailing list, please do let us know. It does then save us postal costs.

Sincerely yours

Pearl (Walker) Trustee.

PS. I have just heard that five of the cases we had packed containing things for the school and the dormitory will be taken to Mombasa Airport and the School will pick them up, which is good news.

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