Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter

Are you thinking – “Is it really Autumn?   Where has this year gone”?  It certainly has whizzed by.

We have continued to keep everything moving in Little Angels, dealing with the usual problems of malaria, broken bones, broken pipes, leaking roofs,  school fees, and school books, and in fact we have just sent out 10 boxes of medical supplies and some clothes by air freight.    It should be delivered either today or tomorrow, and if this works, then it does give us a way of safely sending stuff out, though at a cost of course!

We have continued to be ever grateful for the generosity of our supporters, and it is a great encouragement to us.

One important development is that Virgin are going to cease acting for us receiving gifts which are then passed on to us – with gift aid added.   This will end officially on 1st November, but we are asking that anyone who gives to us in this way, could please contact me direct about ways of supporting us – either through BACS or standing order.   In this way we will not have to pay any fees at all to A.N.Other  and all of your gift will come to us and we can claim the Gift Aid ourselves on your behalf.   We are really sorry to have to withdraw this service, but the initial costs and monthly fees are making it impossible.

The children at the school really do benefit from their education, but some times the difficulties they face are heart breaking.   Because of the lack of work in the area, and the terrible conditions in which they live, the constant fear of petty thieves, who will stop at nothing to get money, make even going to school hazardous.  This past week, one of our staff, who has a little business on the local beach, had a break in, lots of things taken, chairs broken, and the guard was badly injured and is now in hospital.  

With all the discussions going on here about having the vaccine or not, it seems ironic that there are no vaccines available to our friends, and if they are, then they have to pay for  them!  At present about £50.

We are still unsure when we will be able to go out again, but in the meantime, it is good that we can be in daily contact.

Thank you to those who have been in touch with us about the school and the medical work.   We really are grateful.

We will keep in touch.             Pearl Walker.     (

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