Christmas 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends

As I am preparing the accounts for the year end, I am very conscious that we could not have done what we have done without your help.

The school has continued, the children fed, the students leaving this year have done well in their end of school exams, and are now able to go onto secondary education, which is a great achievement. We have continued, despite all the problems we seem to face on a daily basis. Even as I write this, I do so, knowing that our school is under attack. In the last week or so, our security lights have been stolen, and several desks and chairs taken from one of the classrooms; our fencing has also been damaged, as men have broken on to the site. Our security guard has given up, as he is so scared – he was chased by guys with machetes. And this is all happening because of the extreme poverty they all live with. Chopping up our desks and chairs for firewood to sell, is understandable when you have nothing to eat, but it does cause us problems. Now, too, the weather is very bad and causing extreme flooding, as you may have seen on the t.v.

Paul continues to run his medical clinic on site, every 12 weeks and now has the assistance of a nurse, (who we pay for) to help him. He has also met a (local) surgeon there, who is very interested in helping Paul, so we will pursue this lead.

With the help of a school here in the UK we have been able to purchase some play equipment for the playground this year, and we are very grateful for all the help we get from the two schools who Pearl visits on a regular basis.

So…. Still plenty to do…….Thank you so much for your help and interest in the Kanamai Trust. You really are making a difference! Have a lovely Christmas.

From Pearl, Paul and all the Trustees.

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