December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends


Greetings to all our lovely friends who support us. The pictures show you a very sunny part of the world, though it is currently raining in the UK and Kenya.  They are experiencing extremely heavy rains, washing homes away and causing havoc.  Although our school is brick-built, as you can see, we have had to replace one wall and several parts of the roof.


As I reported earlier this year, the situation in Kenya is difficult.  There are few jobs available, the number of hotels in this lovely part of the world is diminishing, and Covid, followed by the war in the Ukraine, have all had their toll. However, the school and clinic continue despite all the problems, and our school is one of the top five in the district.   Exam results have been good, and one lad has done so well that he has obtained a scholarship to an excellent college.  Having received this good news, we were horrified to find out that he was seriously ill, so we arranged for him to go into hospital, and the latest news is that he is making a good recovery.  Life in their part of the world is, to say the very least, very precarious.


Paul has been out twice this year and ran clinics on both occasions. We are employing a doctor to run the clinic, and just recently, Mwana has completed a course so that she can administer medicines to the children if necessary.


This year, we had the opportunity to purchase the plot of land on which the school stands, which we have rented, so we now know the school is secure for the future, and we will no longer have to pay ground rent.


The trust still supports some children who have left Little Angels and gone on to senior education.  We know some are now working in other countries or have gone ‘up country’  to work elsewhere in Kenya. Very few of our children have a parent working; there are no government subsidies or help, so the food the children have received from the school has been vital.   Basic food is very scarce and expensive, so we do our best to nourish them, though we know of some families where the children have nothing at weekends.


I visited a local school to talk about Kenya and our school.  I am always amazed at the questions they ask and their eagerness to find ways to support the children in Kenya. In the summer, they had a toy and cake sale and raised £250, which was used to provide books, chairs, and a few desks.  Thank you all.


I am sorry this letter is a little late.  We have had a few problems, and time has just flown by.


With best wishes to you all for 2024.


Pearl & Paul and the Trustees.

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