Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Spring 2013

Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Spring 2013

Jambo Friends!

We have just returned from another visit to Kenya and want to bring you up to date.

We were delighted that the public toilets we have built in Barani village are now completed. They are being well cared for by the village elder and pastor, so they are in good hands!.

We have started a toilet block in another village.

The digging of the foundations for the new dormitory at the school has now begun, and we are hopeful that this will be completed by April/May time. This is really desperately needed as we have a number of children who have been orphaned, even in the last few months.

In the hope of picking up health problems early in the children, we decided to see every child, take family details, look for signs of anaemia, etc., and weigh them. This was then put straight on to our lap top. A few children were under weight, but on the whole they were in good shape. We picked up one or two little problems, including one little girl who had mumps!

It became clear that we needed to buy a whole lot of shoes again to stop the return of ‘Jiggers’. We also need a tonne of Multivitamins and iron pills! We only had time to see 80% of the children, and will have to complete this exercise on our next visit in June.

Paul saw about 60 patients in the Clinic. As usual, there were a few horrific cases needing urgent hospital treatment.

Little Angels School

The school continues to grow, and we have taken on another two teachers. Following a meeting with Mwana, we have appointed a Head Teacher, (Robert) and a Deputy Head Teacher (Hameda) to oversee the day to day running of the school. Robert is very experienced, and Hameda has been at the school for quite a long time. We are hoping that this will enhance the school and enable it to continue to run efficiently.

Sadly, our caretaker, who has been so helpful at the Clinics, is very ill. We arranged various medical tests for him, and the prognosis is not good. He has been rebuilding his house, and we were able to have that finished for him.

Christmas Party

We had a great party on the beach for the children. They had a really good lunch, and they all went home with a party bag full of goodies. After they had washed their hands and while they were waiting for their meal, we threw some stars over them….. Here are the results! We fed about 144 children – a few more than on the school books, but who’s counting!?

Even the beach police came for a snack!

We are hopeful that another school here in Bristol will want to ‘twin’ with Little Angels, which will be great. Pearl has visited the school and will hopefully soon go to the school again.

The School has been renovated, and repainted, and is looking smarter than ever.

Down on the farm

We found the water table had dropped, so we had to make the well 5 feet deeper. We also fixed a new ladder inside the well, and had a top made to cover it so that it can be locked at night. We are still waiting for the authorities to connect us up to the electricity supply. The well drop is now almost 100feet. It was good to see water at the bottom of the well again, but frightening to watch the guys lower themselves down on a rope!

The Accounts for 2011/12 are now registered with the Charity Commissioners and we are grateful for the help we received to make sure they were done properly (thanks John!|)

We are so grateful to all our friends who support us. It is a real encouragement. We have just taken delivery of some wristbands which we can offer for sale both here and in Kenya. They have the
Charity’s web site address, with our motto Help, Hope & Change. If you would like to either buy one, or sell some, do let Pearl know.

Thanks too, to all the lovely ladies who have been knitting blankets for the new dormitory beds. They are beautiful. Some have already been given to the children who have lost their parents – the rest will travel with us next time.

Thanks too to those who enabled us to give the children such a super party. They had such a good time.

We just wish you could have seen them eating their super lunch and having such a good time. I am sure you would have shed a tear or two with us!

We are sad to report the death of John Carr who funded the building of the toilets.

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