Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Summer 2013

Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Summer 2013

An exciting development is the new twinning with Bedminster Down School. Recently plans have begun, to take 10 of the school’s 14/15 year olds plus two teachers to Kanamai in 2014, where the children will work at the school, and the farm, and learn more about the African way of life. Obviously there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to make this possible, and so Pearl decided to meet one of the teachers – Ben Wills – in Kenya in July to make plans with the school, to arrange accommodation, and visits to other places of interest, including a short safari. Debbie Smith – a local artist, potter, book illustrator, and model maker (freelance) with Aardman’s (of Wallace and Gromit fame!) accompanied Pearl.

July 2013 147They had a very busy, but profitable week, and managed in 3 days to arrange the accommodation for the visit, to work out a programme for them, (including health and safety risks!) and for one of the classrooms to be painted, so that Debbie could then paint a mural on one of the walls. A number of children and some of the teachers were keen to join in and we hope you like the result!

July 2013 107[2]The whole classroom has come alive, and will be a super place to work. We are hopeful that we will be able to do this for all the classrooms, and also add some wall paintings in the dormitory. Debbie also spent some time with a group of children who were keen to make models.

July 2013 128Ben arranged a football match between the girls and the boys, and took out about 97 football shirts given by some of the pupils at Bedminster Down.

On Saturday Pearl went to the school one last time before flying home, and took some pictures of the present building of the dormitory. It is now growing fast, and the hope is that children will be living there by August 2013.

The Bedminster School are going to have to raise a lot of money (almost £2,000 for each child) and the children have already raised money by cake making, sponsoring, and so on. A firm in Bristol has kindly agreed to sponsor each child for up to half of their costs, which is amazing, and we are so grateful to them. They are also in contact with local firms, and charities.

We are absolutely sure that this visit will be of tremendous benefit not only to our Kenyan friends, but a life-changing experience for the children who are going and for the school as a whole. Anyone wishing to take part in the sponsoring of this venture, please talk with Pearl, or look on the school website, and contact Ben Wills, one of the teachers organising this trip. This is a new venture for the Bedminster Down School, and we are keen that it should be a success for them.

Some of the projects will be helping to build another classroom, painting the existing classrooms, working on the farm, and if they wish to, spend time with Paul in the clinic. The accommodation for them is very near to the school, and the flats also have access to a swimming pool, so at the end of the day, they will be able to relax and cool off! The visit will end with a safari to Tzavo and Amboseli Game parks so that, hopefully, they will see the Big Five. If the sky is clear, they should also see Mount Kilamanjaro.

School Kitchen

Since our June visit, we have had two woodburning cookers and a work top added to make life a little easier for the cook. Cooking on a fire on the ground for 140 children is a bit of a chore, and takes an age to do, so hopefully this will improve things a great deal.

Paul and Pearl will be returning to Kenya in October 2013.

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