Kanamai Development Trust Update – June 2021

Kanamai Development Trust Update – June 2021

We have been so grateful for all the personal and church support we have received for the Trust over the past year, and through the pandemic, and now that we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, we thought you would like to know what we have been doing.

Just before lockdown in February 2020, Paul met a Kenyan doctor, who was very keen to help him, as at that time, he was not working.  He helped Paul whilst he was there, and on Paul’s return to the UK, he arranged for the Kenyan doctor to deal with some of the urgent needs.   Little did we know then that 18 months on, he would still be running the clinic on Paul’s behalf on his own!   We are so grateful to him, as without him, many on life saving medication would certainly have died.    So, although Paul has not been able to go out to Kenya, the work has carried on.

Little Angels was closed just before Easter 2020, and we were told that it would not open again until January 2021.   So, we arranged some tuition for the older children who would have been sitting their end of school exams that year.    However, in September and at very short notice, the Kenyan educational department, gave instructions that schools could re-open.   To help the older children we arranged for extra tuition, as we were also told they would sit their final exams in January or February.  Like here, they had to observe social distancing and this meant making changes at the school.   As we were told we could no longer have children living in the dormitory, we decided to make the dormitory into a larger clinic and pharmacy and put in hand the changes which needed to be made in the school.  A lot of looting had taken place whilst the school was closed, and we needed to replace some desks and chairs and other equipment which had been taken.

We are pleased to say 19 children passed their exams, so have now moved up to secondary school.   This is a great achievement for them, and also for the teachers who helped with extra tuition.  

The much-needed tourist trade in Kenya has virtually stopped, so now there is extreme unemployment, and of course poverty is rife particularly in the area in which we work.   Unlike here, they have had no rain which usually falls in March/April, so crops have died, and they are being told that the price of food is likely to triple. 

Although state school teachers received no pay during the pandemic, we continued to pay our staff, though at a reduced rate, and now that everywhere is so dry, we have cleaned and deepened our well, and are looking at other ways of saving money, including adding solar panels.   We have also given, and continue to give, basic food to some of the families who have no means whatsoever of earning money in these difficult times.  

Your money has enabled us to keep going, and so we do want to thank you, not just for your interest and support, but on behalf of all the people have benefitted from your generosity.      (Pearl & Paul Walker)   

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