Kanamai Update – February 2023

Just a quick recap. We found this area – which is about 40kms north of Mombasa – on a holiday to Kenya way back in 2005. Such poverty was a shock. Mud and stone huts…no toilets….. no fresh water… no shoes ….. not much in the way of employment so children not able to go to school. We felt we had to try and make a difference. We have slowly over the years, built a school, a clinic, toilets, a small farm, and sunk new wells.

We now have about 200 children attending school (free) and providing a simple breakfast, and lunch as well as good teaching, which has enabled them to go on to senior education. This means that we have teaching staff, a cook, caretaker, doctor, and guard to employ. We take children of all faiths and none into the school.
This has kept us very busy ever since!

Sadly, lots of things have not changed. There is even less employment available now since the pandemic, as most hotels round about have closed. There have been changes in government, but not a lot has changed. The extreme weather conditions continue to cause us problems. They had little rain for about 4 years, so the ground became useless for growing anything, and when the rains did come it just flooded everywhere as the ground was like cement. The outcome has been empty bellies.

However, the work of the school (Little Angels) continues as is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Although we continue to provide some food, we cant do it at the weekends and school holidays, so last weekend, 4 hungry children – found a mango tree with fruit on it, and while one or two climbed it, the others stayed underneath it to collect the fruit. Unfortunately a huge branch broke off onto the children who were all badly injured. 3 were taken to hospital, and the first we knew was when we received a call Saturday lunchtime to say the hospital would not do anything until they had some money to pay for their treatment. One needed urgent surgery to his foot, another had a broken arm which needed setting, and the third had severe lacerations. They also needed blood transfusions. They were considering amputating the boys foot, but fortunately, after two operations they have saved his leg, and now he is out of ICU. Sadly, the 4th child, who went home, obviously had internal injuries and died at home, the night of the accident.

That was over the weekend. On Monday we were told that the government wanted every school to have a lab for science lessons, stipulating what size the classroom needed to be, and the equipment needed. So another challenge we face!

We are so very grateful to those who have supported over us over the years.

Every penny has been well spent. So – thank you.

Pearl & Paul Walker.

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