Longwell Green School, Bristol

Longwell Green School, Bristol

I spoke at an Assembly at the school in the Spring, and this week, the children arranged to hold a Charity Fair to raise funds for Little Angels.

I was invited to go along to join in the fun. Each class had a stall or two, and the children had bought 10p tokens to enable them to buy from the stalls. The cakes were delicious, and the drinks very popular on such a hot day. I quite envied the boys who were offering their friends to throw very wet sponges at them=three goes for one 10p token! You could name a Teddy, guess how many sweets were in a jar, have your nails painted, and so many other brilliant ideas. The result was £400 which will enable us to buy mosquito nets, and some mattresses for the dormitory, I was also given some lovely things to take with me from the School.

Well done, Longwell Green. I will let you know what we purchase, and as we are going out in September, I will let you have some photos. Thank you all so much.

– Pearl

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