Looking forward

2013 was a busy year for the trust and we are looking forward to 2014. We will of course be updating you on the school visit in July as well as how other projects have progressed during the year.

December saw Paul make a solo visit and we thought we would share some pictures.

In the first set of pictures (below) we are pleased to show the new dormitory with bunk beds, and bedding. The building of the dormitory is the culmination of a lot of hard work and without the funds that have been donated we would never have been able to achieve this.

December 2013 019

December 2013 014This will make a significant difference to these children.

The trust is not just about the school, we also look to make the village self-sufficient through the farm. It was exciting to see progress at the farm including the building of a water tower and installation of a freezer (something most of us have as a given).

December 2013 009December 2013 005

These photos are just the start and we will be providing progress reports during this year.

Thank you again for all your support in 2013.

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