Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Spring 2012

Kanamai Development Trust Newsletter – Spring 2012

Little Angels – from Primary to Academy

Since our last newsletter, Paul and Pearl have been to Kenya twice, and Paul, on his own once. John and Sue Woolnough were there too in September last year – their aim to update the Trust’s DVD. This was done, and was shown at the Trust Ball on 15th October. Our thanks to John and Sue for all their hard work.

The school now has 7 classrooms, a kitchen, and an office/clinic. Whilst there in February/March this year, two of the guests at the hotel offered to pay for the building of a Staff Room, so that will be put in hand straight away. We are grateful to them for this generous gesture.

The children and staff at Foley Park School had designed and painted one half of two banners, and last September, Pearl’s task was to help the children in Kenya to complete the other half. She brought back one to the UK – the other will hang in the new large hall/classroom. Whilst there the school was repainted, and a number of trees were cut down so that the children could have a proper playground. We have given money for this to be covered and some swings etc., to be put in the playground.

The school is now in the process of being made into an Academy. This will ensure the future of the school and also enable us to provide education for the children up to the age of 13.

These three young children were made orphans in December 2012. They will live in the school dormitory when it is finished in August 2013

These three young children were made orphans in December 2012. They will live in the school dormitory when it is finished in August 2013

The Clinic is up and Running!

Paul held Clinic almost every day while there and he now has about 180 patients.
He has been in touch with a surgeon – Dr Makorani – and he came to the clinic and carried out the first two minor operations on two of the children. One was a little boy with a cyst at the back of his head – the other a 4-month old baby girl who had a growing cyst on her lower lip. The Clinic is now equipped with drugs and basic medical equipment for Paul when he is there. The good news is that Dr Makorani has agreed to visit the clinic from time to time. One night he and Paul held a clinic in the dark, lit by his car’s headlights! We do hope that the electricity will soon be connected, which will make life easier. For Paul the clinic is an exciting development and one dear to his heart.

During the recent visit, we found that a little girl at the School had a very large hernia, which needed surgery. This was carried out on the 24th March, and she is now home again.
Dr Paul Walker – Adjunct Professor!
During our stay in 2011, Paul visited the Pwani University at Kilifi and met their staff and Vice Chancellor.

They have asked him if he would be prepared to do some teaching, and give some lectures, and have offered him the title of Adjunct Professor. As Paul would like to spend more time doing medical work in the area, this is really exciting news. It might also enable us to get some help with getting equipment and other items to Kenya.

It is Paul’s intention to visit Kenya more often so that the work at the clinic can continue. His next visit is planned for June 2012.

Although the Trust is able to provide money for the purchase of medicines and drugs for the Clinic, there is a growing need for help with surgery and x-rays etc., for local people, including children at the school (like Beatrice with the Hernia). One of the people who saw Paul in March this year was a 23 year old woman with a large lump in her breast. We arranged for her to go for a biopsy, but what happens next? This is the dilemma Paul is facing. First and foremost we have to support the school (which is growing) and the farm, but it is hard when folk come with more serious health problems.

Thank you – Skittles Evening…….

Gloria and Ioan and some family members organized this evening at Coalpit Heath Cricket Club, and a grand total of £2012 was raised for the Trust.
Our thanks go to the local traders, companies and friends who provided food and gave prizes for the Raffle and auction.

The money raised will help with our support of the School, the Clinic and also to continue the provision of fresh water and sanitation within Kanamai District.
These events give a boost to our funds, enable us to repair wells, and to provide fresh water to some of the villages and also to improve the school. We have now added guttering to the building, to enable rain water to be collected and are hopeful that we may get a small strip of land at the side of the school which can be used to grow vegetables for the school.

Sponsorship Scheme

There are now 120 children at the school, and we have 100 who have sponsors. The sponsorship gives each child two meals a day during term time, a simple uniform, and teaching, all at a cost of £40 per year. We are still looking for sponsors for the remaining 20 children.
Any enquiries, please phone Pearl on 0044 1275 817765 or email: info@kanamaitrust.org.uk and she will give further details.

One of our sponsor’s gave money for the children to have a Party at Christmas time, but for a number of reasons this was delayed until our latest visit.

The sponsors generosity meant we were able to provide a beach party (complete with a Kenyan Christmas meal) for the School. Guests from the hotel joined us to help, and they agreed it had been a highlight of their holiday! The children were so well behaved and very excited. Every last scrap of food was eaten and they went home with a Party Bag each. Two of the guests went to the school early in the morning, and helped prepare the food, and then the very hot and very large cooking pots were tied on to the back of a motor bike and taken to the Beach! Pearl and Julie (another guest) had the doubtful privilege of breaking up, with their fingers, the very hot cooked chickens, into small pieces to add to the rice. There were four very sore hands at the end!.

Pancakes at Ipplepen

Pearl has undertaken several speaking engagements for the Trust and her visit to Ipplepen (Devon) was included in a Pancake Evening, which was held at the Anglican Church. The lovely folk there gave her a cheque for £700 to provide 3 bikes, two blackboards, and desks for the new school rooms as well as £100 for us to buy some chickens for the Farm. As an encouragement, she was also given Chicken Carrie (a cuddly toy from the film Chicken Run!) who then went on a long journey to Kenya. Whilst there, Carrie chaired a meeting, helped dig the foundations for the chicken coup, and drew some water from the new Well. She also paid a visit to Little Angels School, and did a bit of teaching and marking of books for the children!

Kanamai Charity Ball – October 2011

100 people attended the Ball at the Aztec Hotel, in Bristol. It was a great evening. The food was good, the DVD excellent, and much appreciated and we raised about £3000 in all. This came not just from the sale of the tickets, but from the a Raffle, and also an Auction, the top item being a lap top, given to the Trust by Microlink. We also had numerous offers, like weekends away, visits to beauty parlous, and the loan of a new Mini for the weekend.
Gabriel Swatzell again set up a photo studio for the guests, giving a percentage of the sales to the Trust.

Quite a number of folk came from a long way away, and we are so grateful to all who came and made the event such a huge success. Thanks to Kathy, Jo and Jules for their hard work.

And finally …. a BIG “Thank You”…………

To everyone who has contributed in any way to the Trust. We could not have achieved what we have done without you – and we just want you to know that your efforts have been very much appreciated.
It’s not only money – though that is so important to us – but it is in using your time, using your talents, giving us clothes and items to take out with us on our visits,

It’s your encouragement…… Your interest……. Your trust in us…….Your love for us……Your prayers for us…… All of these gifts are vital and keep us going………. so……..Thank you.

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