• Kanamai Trust newsletter – Summer 2022 June 06, 2022 -

    Writing this, as I am, on a lovely morning, with the sun shining and feeling safe and secure, it seems so sad that in other parts of the world, despite the weather, many are living in fearful and dangerous situations.

    The war in the Ukraine is awful, and it is heartbreaking to see what families are going through in that country. We are also now realising that this war is having serious consequences around the world, and in the last month or so we have faced ...

  • Autumn Newsletter September 21, 2021 -

    Are you thinking – “Is it really Autumn?   Where has this year gone”?  It certainly has whizzed by.

    We have continued to keep everything moving in Little Angels, dealing with the usual problems of malaria, broken bones, broken pipes, leaking roofs,  school fees, and school books, and in fact we have just sent out 10 boxes of medical supplies and some clothes by air freight.    It should be delivered either today or tomorrow, and if this works, then it does give us a way of safely sending ...

  • Kanamai Development Trust Update – June 2021 June 02, 2021 -

    We have been so grateful for all the personal and church support we have received for the Trust over the past year, and through the pandemic, and now that we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, we thought you would like to know what we have been doing.

    Just before lockdown in February 2020, Paul met a Kenyan doctor, who was very keen to help him, as at that time, he was not working.  He helped Paul whilst he was ...

  • Newsletter -June 2020 July 06, 2020 -

    Such a lot has happened since our last newsletter, so I thought an update was due.

    The biggest changes of course have been because of Covid-19. Paul was not able to go to Kenya for his 12-weekly clinic in mid-May. Providentially, in February he had linked up with a nearby government clinic and a young Kenyan doctor named Claus. Claus was able to source all the medicines from a nearby Mombasa pharmacy. We sent out the money, and Claus and our friends have carried out the ...

  • Christmas 2019 Newsletter December 06, 2019 -

    Dear Friends

    As I am preparing the accounts for the year end, I am very conscious that we could not have done what we have done without your help.

    The school has continued, the children fed, the students leaving this year have done well in their end of school exams, and are now able to go onto secondary education, which is a great achievement. We have continued, despite all the problems we seem to face on a daily basis. Even as I write this, I do so, ...

  • Newsletter Summer 2019 August 27, 2019 -

    All the schools in the UK have now closed for the long holiday. Paul and I have already had our main holiday for this year, and towards the end of August, Paul will be going back to Kenya for another medical `camp` (as it`s called there).

    Pearl has been visiting various schools and organisations, the last being last month, when one of our local schools Year 2 put on a singing concert in aid of the Kanamai Trust. As well as the concert, two girls did ...

  • October 2018 Newsletter October 10, 2018 -

    Dear Friends

    We do apologise for the long gap since our last letter. The summer months have just flown by, and we now find ourselves with a lot to report to you.

    We have given the school buildings a make-over this year, and for security reasons we have had to have new gates made as well. Paul has just returned from Kenya, and has taken some pictures of the school which are attached to this letter.

    Thirteen children took their final exams at the end of 2017, and ...

  • Christmas Newsletter 2017 November 24, 2017 -

    Firstly, apologies that this letter has been a long time coming! We have had a busy summer, and there has been a fair bit of work to do in Kenya, one way or another.

    We had a drought; there had been very little rain for the last 2 years. This meant that very little food had been grown, and the cost of food was rising virtually by the day.

    Having done what we could to help with the purchase of food, it then rained and rained!

    So much ...

  • May 2017 Newsletter May 10, 2017 -

    Dear Friends

    Thank you so much to the 98 friends who came to the Dinner/Dance on Saturday at the Aztec Hotel. We had a wonderful evening, and raised more than £3,000 for the Trust with which we shall open a Bursary Fund for the children who will need support when they go to Secondary School next year. We had friends from Norfolk, Suffolk, Wiltshire, Sussex, Kent, Somerset, Devon and Gloucestershire, as well as folk from the Bristol area. Many were medics and nurses, and we are ...

  • Dinner/Dance May 2017 March 02, 2017 -

    Paul has just returned from Kenya and details will follow.

    We are excited to share with you an event we are organising to celebrate the work of the trust and share news of the work that has been done to date. All money raised from the event will go to the trust.

    On 6th May we will be hosting a Dinner Dance event at the Aztec Hotel, Bristol. Tickets are £35 and the hotel will give a 20% discount for overnight accommodation. To read more click here

    We ...