Newsletter – November 2014

kanamai october 2014 034Paul paid a short visit to Kenya in October, really just to take our medicines, see patients, and catch up with projects with which the Trust is involved.

The situation continues to be rather precarious as far as our visits are concerned, and therefore for the time being we will keep visits to an absolute minimum.

There are very few tourists, and therefore the knock on effect of that is that there is very little work in the coastal district, so people are hungry, and of course, not able to afford medical help when it is required.

Two of the children who were sexually assaulted have required medical aid, and they will also need surgery in due course.  The young man involved is in prison awaiting trial.

The authorities requested that we move the toilets on the school site, so that work was started at the end of September, the last classroom is virtually finished now, and the playground has been resurfaced.  Due to the large number of power cuts, which often burns out the water pump, we have decided to put solar panels on the roof, which will not only solve the pump problem, but hopefully will reduce our electricity bills considerably.   The one thing Kenya is not short of is sunshine, so we might as well make good use of it!

kanamai october 2014 013We have been offered an acre of ground, about 1km away from Little Angels, to build a secondary school.   Paul was able to go to the site, and a photo of the land is in the attached pictures.  This would be an enormous commitment, as although we had previously thought that the parents would have to pay for the children’s higher education, as things stand at present, there is really very little hope of that. The site is on the outskirts of Taliban village, so we are going to look into building another block of toilets there for a start, and then considering the possibility of building a school.  As they say in Swahili – “pole, pole” pronounced pol-eh, pol-eh, (slowly, slowly)!  If anyone has any ideas about the secondary school, please let us have them!

kanamai october 2014 024The farm is providing vegetables for those farming there, and also people living nearby and the chickens are doing well.

Paul is planning to go out again in January – again just for a week – and we will continue to monitor the safety situation, but at present there are no plans for Pearl to go out as well.

We have been so grateful for all the support we have had this year, and we would like to thank you for your very many gifts.  Without them, we could not continue.   At the very least about 200 children are being educated, and fed, as well as very many more benefitting from the toilets we have built, wells we have either built or upgraded, medical treatment they have received and of course, those who work at the school, being paid. So thank you.

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