Newsletter Summer 2019

All the schools in the UK have now closed for the long holiday. Paul and I have already had our main holiday for this year, and towards the end of August, Paul will be going back to Kenya for another medical `camp` (as it`s called there).

Pearl has been visiting various schools and organisations, the last being last month, when one of our local schools Year 2 put on a singing concert in aid of the Kanamai Trust. As well as the concert, two girls did a sponsored silence, and raised £104, and another girl held a sale of her toys and other things at her home, and at the school and raised a further £117. They wished us to use the money to buy play equipment for the playground at The Little Angels, and this money will be going out to Kenya in this coming week. It is very encouraging to see such commitment from young people, and we are so grateful to them, and the schools, for giving us these opportunities to spend time with their children.

Life is very precarious in Mabambani, where The Little Angels is situated. A young man was recently killed and two others have gone missing. This was reported on National TV and questions are being asked of the police. It`s all about land, and wealthy landowners and landgrabbers pay the police to deal with difficult villagers. Corruption is rife in Africa, and it is a constant problem our friends must live with.

The School continues to thrive, and we have been delighted to hear how well the senior children have performed in their National examinations. These students, who have all qualified for a high school education, have to pay school fees, buy school uniforms, shoes and books. For the past two years we have managed to cover the costs of 22 students, with help from some kind friends who have sponsored one or more of them. It costs about £200 a year to keep one student in high school. Although some parents are able to provide support, many can`t. So we do need help to make it possible for these very committed children to continue their education until the age of 18, when they receive their National diploma and the opportunity of higher education or a good career. We shall have another batch leaving school at the end of 2019. If you can help, please do get in touch with us?

Paul continues to go out to Kenya every 12 weeks, where he regularly sees about 60 patients and distributes about 150 prescriptions. He remains very busy, working full time at Southmead Hospital while always preparing for the next camp. Although we do all we can to make sure the paperwork required to import medicines is valid, there are often questions asked at Nairobi Airport. It is amazing how often they seem to change the rules! Still, we carry on. He has also given a lecture to the doctors at Kilifi District Hospital.

The cost of living – of food and petrol – continues to rise rapidly in Kenya, and so sadly the days when £40 per year paid for a child`s education at the Little Angels are long gone. Realistically, it has doubled. Teachers` salaries have risen, and the cost of basic foodstuffs – maize, porridge, sugar, rice, etc. – are astronomical. We are very rarely able to provide meat for the children, so their diet is mainly vegetarian. That is not a problem, but does need more managing. We currently have 15 children in the dormitory, and in fact one of our older children, who is at secondary school now, is living and helping out there, after suffering abuse from a family member.

This update may seem a little gloomy but, sadly, the socio-economic status of the poor people of Coastal Kenya has in fact become worse rather than better in recent years. So the Dinner/Dance we held in March, attended by almost 100 friends and supporters, was a great encouragement to us; as are the many verbal and written expressions of support we receive. Interest in the Kanamai Trust among people of all ages seems as intense as ever. We have already booked the venue for next years` Dinner/Dance – Saturday 13th June at the Aztec Hotel , Bristol . More details of that later, but meanwhile, please book the date!

So, very many thanks for your support – we really do need you – and every pound counts and makes a difference.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the Summer.

With all good wishes and our sincere thanks

Paul and Pearl

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