Thank you to all our supporters who have provided:

  • A gift of £6,000 to build the dormitory
  • A gift of £5,000 to build a toilet block in Barani village,
  • A gift in a Will
  • Gifts of £500 to clean and repair wells
  • £200 for new school gates
  • £120 for flip flops
  • £500 for medicines
  • £700, £400, and £300, gifts giving in memory of someone in lieu of flowers
  • £600 for the Trust instead of gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary
  • £450 given to enable the Trust to give the children at the School a Christmas Party, for two years running
  • £1,000 for the chicken coop
  • Bicycles for the farm workers
  • A toilet and wash room at the farm
  • Friends who have been supporting the Trust, giving either monthly, or annually
  • Child Sponsors, who give £40 a year (or more) to provide education, uniform, and food for a child at the school
  • The many people who provide clothes for us to take out to the school
  • The ladies who have knitted blankets for the new dormitory and jumpers and hats for the children
  • Gifts given to the Trust in lieu of birthday presents

If you would like to sponsor something specific, please get in touch with Pearl, who will update you on what is needed.

As a guide:

  • Flip flops are about £1.20 a pair (and need replacing every year)
  • Mosquito nets for the beds in the dormitory (about £6 each)
  • Bunk beds, sheets, lockers
  • Simple school uniforms are about £10.00
  • Chairs, (for the teachers) about £6 each
  • Plates and Mugs – about £1 each
  • A visit to the hospital to be tested for Malaria £5 (this is an almost daily problem during the months from April – August)